Toy Ideas from Hamleys

It’s getting a bit late for starting your Christmas shopping, so hopefully it’s all nearly done. If you’re just looking for a few extra presents for the kids then you could look at Hamleys. They sell a wide range of quality toys for all ages from babies to grown ups. This Christmas they have some great offers available too. Their wooden toy range is excellent and will last for years of play and fun. Hamleys sell a wide range of traditional style toys which encourage imaginative play.

The delightful London Bus has a fully removable top for access to all of the 24 little wooden passengers and driver. It has a push along design which moves on big chunky wheels making for safe driving. It will encourage the child to use their imagination to play with the bus and create a journey. Maybe they’ll make stories up for all the passengers, or drive round the house on a tour! The toy encourages hand-eye coordination too which is a bonus too! You could also have some fun counting games with the passengers!

Flitter Fairies are a new interactive doll that there are three of to collect: Daria Forest, Eva Lake and Alexa Meadow. These are truly magical! They will flutter their wings and fly! Ok so it’s not really magic it’s invisible pixie silk that goes from the fairy to a special hair clip and you use the wand to create the movements. It’s so clever and brilliant that you will get people stopping and looking at these cute little fairies whenever you play with them! Little girls will adore these – and it’s simple enough for a 5 year old to do too! These fluttering fairies will really capture your child’s imagination!

Hamleys have all the toys that your child could possibly ever want, so don’t be afraid to browse their shop. You can search in their gift section by age too which is a very useful featuring ensuring you get age appropriate toys for your children.